Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Shoes to Fill

I know this picture is a little out of date, but I never got around to posting it and I think it is really cute.

Missions and Michigan

Well, the last couple of weeks have been very busy for us. On August the 6th, we took our youth group to New Mexico on a missions trip. We got home early on the 14th, and then turned around on 16th to head up to Michigan for my cousin's wedding. So, I at least have a legitimate reason for not posting for a while.

Our missions trip to New Mexico was great. We worked with the McCaslands, missionaries to the Navajos. Our youth group helped with several work projects, held a VBS throughout the week, and then we had special services on the weekend. The country out there is beautiful, and the people were so nice. The young people worked hard, and God really helped us. We averaged about 45 kids throuhout the week at the VBS. On Sunday night there were about 80 Indians in the service, and at the close of the message over 20 of them (mostly young people and adults) prayed to get saved!
Devin did awesome with flying.

The McCaslands had three horses, and we rode them a lot.

We went swimming in this lake.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

What is a Gardener?

So, what exactly is a gardener? I have been asking myself that question, since I am trying to determine whether or not I am one. If a gardener is someone who plants a garden and then lovingly and tenderly cares for that garden multiple times a week (like my inlaws), then I am definitely not a gardener. However, I did plant a garden this year. My problem is that I like the results of a garden (especially corn on the cob), but I don't like the upkeep of a garden. I did till the ground before I planted, but that was the only time that I tilled. I don't pull weeds much either. After all, who needs to pull weeds when you have one of these?

I planted cauliflower this year. I read somewhere that you are supposed to tie up the leaves to keep the heads from getting bleached out. I figured that it would be easier to tape them up.

So, if that is not the way to garden, then I guess that I am not a gardener. However, if a gardener is determined by his produce, then maybe I would be qualified as a gardener afterall.