Monday, October 29, 2007

Musicians, Meat, a Miffed Sister-in-Law, and Missions

As you can tell, Devin is going to be quite a musician when he grows up. We knew he had talent, but we didn't know how much until the other day when he sat down at the piano and started playing Mozart. OK, maybe that is a slight exageration, but we are still very proud of him.

I finally got my first deer with a bow. I haven't hunted archery that much, but I really wanted to get a deer with my bow this year. I have a blast gun hunting (no pun intended), but archery just adds a whole new dynamic to the sport. When this monster buck walked by me at 25 yards, I just couldn't resist. After I shot this button buck, I did feel a little guilty when I realized that Bambi will never have the experience of going sliding on the ice.

As you can see, my dear sister-in-law, Romelda Susan, is miffed at me because I have posted pictures of my two other sister-in-laws on my blog and have never posted a picture of her. I don't like to see her unhappy, so I promised that I would post a picture of her too.

On a more serious note, I am happy to share that Missy and I will be going to Costa Rica next September as full time missionaries, Lord willing. We will be working under Evangelistic Faith Missions. While this is a big and somewhat frightening step, we are excited to be able to fulfill the call that God has placed on our lives. We would appreciate all the prayer support that we can get as we start to transition into this new realm of ministry.